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The Chiang Thai Restaurant in Broomfield hosted a presentation today by high-profile nutritionist and personal trainer John Pierre. Pierre continues to expand his connection to Colorado while he searches for land in the state; he seeks to create an animal sanctuary. This evening’s presentation began at 4:00 pm with the showing of a well-known movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and will be followed by a question-and-answer session that Pierre will host along with a “special guest” who had yet to be named when the presentation was announced by local vegan groups.

The presentation will give instructions for a vegan-based food detox program. John Pierre is a nutritionist as well as a personal trainer and a long-time vegan who advocates the vegan diet for health as well as for ending cruelty to animals. Pierre’s business is based in California, where he services such high-profile clients as Ellen DeGeneres. Pierre is also a very vocal feminist. He began expanding his business to include Colorado clients this year.

Mr. Pierre attended both the spring version of Veg Fest 2013 in Fort Collins where he gave an informative lecture on vegan diets for athletes with support from ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek. Pierre also taught a martial arts class for empowerment and defense. The class was geared for women but open to all. He subsequently gave presentations at the summer, 2013 Veg Fest in Golden.

The Chiang Thai Restaurant has been a popular gathering place for members of two large vegan social groups in the area, including the Denver-based group “A Vegan Life”. Owner Jaruwan Corazza, better known as “Tong” has been vegan for many years as part of her Buddhist beliefs. She opened the restaurant this past winter and offers vegan options for every menu item. She will clean a designated spot on her grill any time she receives an order to cook vegan food, she explains. Corazza immigrated to the US from Thailand.

John Pierre represent a growing number of health professionals who are supporting the vegan diet as a means of detoxing the body and as a way to help the body heal many maladies that the Western World suffers from due to poor diets. Heart disease remains one of the top killers of Americans and is, in most cases, preventable with proper diet, exercise and good health habits such as refraining from smoking. Pierre employs the benefits of vegan nutrition to assists clients with safe weight loss programs and emphasizes dietary choices as a means of personal empowerment.

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