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The investigators seeking the killer of six miniature horses at Clayton Bay last weekend have made some major headway. On Dec. 27 they arrested a southern suburbs man, 50 years old, and charged him with aggravated serious criminal trespass, property damage and ill treatment of animals. Thus far, the alleged perpetrator’s name has not been released to the public.

The writer originally wrote about this cruel crime on Dec. 23 in Grisly attack on miniature horses leaves six dead. It is believed that the horse murderer walked into the barn where some of the show stock had been put up for the night. He systematically slit the throats of six small miniature horses, permitting them to bleed to death. Only three of the horses, housed together in a stall with a difficult-to-open door, were spared.

Investigators and a criminologist surmise that the attack on the little horses was carried out to hurt the owners somehow. Officials are continuing an intensive investigation into the horse attacks. They are reassuring the public that this was in all likelihood a targeted attack and not random.

Staff that worked for Jacksons Miniature Horses came across the horrific scene on Saturday morning at around 8:30 a.m.

The alleged perpetrator of the horse murders was bailed. He is required to appear in Victor Harbor Magistrates Court in 2014 at a date still to be determined.

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