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Once again, this time on Thursday morning Dec. 26, a horse was shot while it was going about its business of grazing with several other companion horses. The shooting occurred some time on Thursday morning in Dyer County, Tennessee.

As might be expected, the family is upset and wants to know “Why?” Dyer County deputies are requesting help in the apprehension of those responsible.

Apparently, someone fired in the darkness off Parker Road in Dyersburg into the pasture, killing a three-year-old family pet horse behind the home. The young Appaloosa mare was shot squarely between the eyes, according to owner Deitra Clifton.

One would ask is this a poaching with a scope, an accidental shooting, a per-chance shooting, a hunting accident, or a deliberate execution? Regardless, there is no shooting in a residential area and certainly never in the darkness!

Deputies have stated that the investigation is going forward as if this was a poaching. It is surmised that the shooter aimed from several yards away, just off the property line fence on Parker road. The horse might even have been spotlighted.

The locals question how this could have happened in their residential neighborhood. There are houses everywhere. The horses are known to be in the paddocks. Then the unanswered question is why would someone shoot anyway? Everyone is in disbelief.

Because the area of the horse shooting is considered to be residential in nature, the open gunfire makes the pending charge a felony.

According to Clifton, many people feed their animals after dark or early morning before daylight. Therefore, this horse shooting presents a serious element of danger to the community.

Clifton said,

The poaching is a problem. The shining is a problem. There is a right way and a wrong way to hunt, and obviously that is not the right way.

She feels that their space and environment and safety have been breached.

The individual responsible, or individuals, will face charges that range from private property destruction to opening fire in a residential area to felony reckless endangerment. Another obvious charge is animal cruelty. In addition, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is considering additional charges.

A suspicious white truck was seen in the area shortly after the shooting. Please call with any information that could help authorities. Please call the Dyer County Sheriff's Department at (731) 285-2802 or Crime Stoppers at (731)-285-TIPS (8477).

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