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Santa and his lady helper were driving a horse-drawn sleigh in Poland. According to my source inquisitr.com their gig on Dec. 25 was to entertain kids in Ustrzykach Dolnych. Santa, 51, and his assistant, 31, showed up for their appointment to cheers and applause, It became obvious that both were tipsy, having indulged in too much spiked eggnog or some other alcoholic beverage. At best, the pair was erratic as they attempted to carol sing and wave to the enthusiastic crowd.

As Santa and friend weaved through the street, a car beeped its horn and promptly upset the horse, which Santa could not manage. Santa quickly lost control of the startled animal, and horse, sleigh and Santa with lady friend crashed into a wall.

Both humans ended up with concussions and there is no word about the horse at this time. The Santa imposter and his less-than-helpful assistant were taken to a local hospital and treated.

Officials have said, “Technically, they were drunk while in charge of a vehicle on the road. We are looking at pressing charges.”

Folks that had been looking forward to Santa’s arrival were certainly unimpressed when it turned out that Santa had imbibed. Instead of an attraction at the marketplace, and providing a little magic to the children, they were subjected to a bumbling, tipsy and too jolly fellow. No one is pleased that the pair got hurt, but they certainly were unable to deal with children.

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