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According to Deadspin on Dec. 27, it appears that MMA fighters had taken on the novelty of wearing superhero costumes when fighting each other for this match. It appears that the Marvel character Spider-Man takes on the DC characters of Batman and Robin. The play-by-play gives a written transcript of what occurred at the event.

It does appear that the MMA fighter portraying the Spider-Man character is performing rather well against the Dynamic Duo and about half way through the match, it appears Robin had enough thus leaving the ring. The remaining fighters wandered about the floor taunting each other with cartwheels and other acrobatic moves.

It appears that the company that hosts these matches is known as the Hardest Man and these fights take place at the Southampton Guildhall venue in the United Kingdom.

Though, these are only heroes duking it out against each other as if they were opponents, Andrew Garfield will be fighting legitimate villains in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" on May 2, 2014.

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