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By cutting benefits from those who have sacrificed the most for America, liberals and moderates perpetuate the scam that government spending cannot be cut. Having again increased the deficit by 50%, Obama Democrats and Boehner Republicans are once again foisting on Americans intolerable sacrifices while maintaining their pork barrel spending. Every time citizens demand that government lower taxes and spending, those in power cut essential services first in order to force citizens to demand that spending be continued, while leaving the wasteful spending in place to benefit their cronies.

Obama and the liberal Democrats have added seven trillion dollars to the national debt in just five years and are on track to make the debt trillion dollars greater during Obama’s eight years in office. Boehner and moderate Republicans are complicit in this debt in that they have done nothing to stop it despite being the branch in charge of establishing the federal budget. Rather than impeach Obama over his lawless spending without a budget for five years, they have now signed their names to his first legal budget with another trillion dollar deficit.

In the last century the federal budget has only been balanced twice, once under Eisenhower and a Republican Congress, and once under Newt Gingrich who forced Democrats under Clinton and moderate Republicans to concede to a balanced budget for four years in the late nineties. Moderate Boehner led a coalition to oust Gingrich and re-establish deficit spending under Bush, which liberals condemned until they got their hands on the taxpayer piggy bank and broke it open to fund insanely high deficits. In the last fifty years, Democrats have established deficit spending as the norm and are responsible, with a little help from moderate Republicans, for creating America’s vast mountain of debt.

Obama uses executive powers to raise federal pay

The president and Congress never elect to reduce the benefits they themselves and their staffs receive which accounts for billions of dollars, but always increase their benefits even though most of them were millionaires when they entered office and, if and when they retire, are multi-millionaires. All of government exists at the expense of the taxpayer, and for every government job created by dollars taken out of the economy, three jobs are lost in the private sector as that money filters through the federal bureaucracy. Big government is sucking the life out of America by squeezing the blood out of the taxpayer.

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