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Happy holidays! It is likely your daily calendar is looking very different from the one that you followed a few weeks ago. Activities such as post-Christmas shopping, socializing with friends and family, or even catching up on sleep or your favorite DVR-recorded television shows you've missed in the past month likely rank higher than things that held high priority before the holidays started.

And yes... this would also include your job search. (Oh right... the job search!) Many companies choose to shut operations down during this festive time of year, placing their recruiting and interview efforts on hold temporarily. And, job seekers often follow suit, taking a break from their job search activities until after the new year. After all, it's not likely you'll get word of a job offer or ask you to come in for an interview during this time of year, right?

While it's easy to stay 'out of sight, out of mind', it's still important to keep an active presence with your job search during the holidays. You need to stay connected to your purpose of landing that great new job, amidst the distractions at this time of year.

Here are three simple tips for job seekers to stay on target with their search efforts, while still enjoying the downtime of the holidays:

Re-state your interest in the job and company while sending them warm holiday wishes through a brief email or video note, such as Vsnap. Staying in touch with a company during the holidays provides a gentle reminder that you're still very much interested in them and would call a course for action when they are available. Relax on the diligent follow-up. You only need to send one note during this busy time of year to your company contact. People are on vacation, and therefore, likely not to respond to your message right away. Beyond that, it's annoying to receive multiple messages about the same topic when the likelihood is that no one will be around to see the message. Keep up with the latest news about the company with whom you're interviewing. Staying connected to what's going on with a prospective employer as well as key events happening in its related industry still remains an important thing to do. Set up automated notifications on any news involving the company through Google Alerts so that you can stay connected to the business world during the holidays. You'll continue to gather your intelligence on the company while everyone else is preoccupied with other things, enabling you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How do you stay connected to your job search efforts during the holidays? Do you find it difficult to keep your job search momentum up during this time of year? Share your thoughts now.

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