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They came for help with maintaining their fragile sobriety.

The ex-addicts and drunks met for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the Nomadian Community Resource Center in Seattle.

But instead of providing support to these people in the early stages of recovery, the owner of the treatment center now admits to selling prescription painkillers to the ex-addicts struggling to reform.

Talk about temptation.

Yet this treatment center owner who lured addicts back to their old ways won t see a day in jail,

Instead, federal prosecutors recommended that Michael Shepard, 65, a Vietnam veteran who was wounded during the war, receive probation, This, due to Shepard s deteriorating health.

He was sentenced to a year s house arrest and five years probation.

Shepard told TV station KIRO that "of course" he feels bad about what he did and would tell others to think twice before dealing drugs.

Shepard was arrested last year for selling painkillers from the Nomadian Community Resource Center in Seattle, which he owned.

Authorities began coming to the center in November 2012 and Shepard sold more than 800 pills to undercover officers, KOMO News reported.

"Although he appears to have viewed himself as providing some kind of service to the community, in fact he preyed on the vulnerable by selling prescription narcotics to drug addicts, thus fueling the very disease they sought to escape," the prosecutor wrote.

Did this so-called treatment center own get off too lightly for preying upon people at their weakest and most vulnerable?

Tell us.

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