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Because it describes a situation so absurd, one might think that your was an April Fool's joke. But, sadly, it's no joke that 57 percent of registered party voters in the state are Democrats, yet 72 percent (13) of the 18 U. S. House Districts are Republican, and the Republicans have outsized control of the state legislature. Nor is it funny when the democratic process is distorted by a blatant manipulation, hence corruption, of the electoral system.

What might be done?

One answer would be to elect representatives in the U.S. House at-large. That, however, has other problems.

An independent districting commission is used with good results in some states. Such a commission should be bipartisan and should require at least some support from both parties to implement a redistricting plan. Just as computer programs can be used to create partisan districting, they can be used to create nearly party-neutral districts.

But such a proposal is unlikely to have much traction in our gerrymandered, one-party dominant state government. So, it is time for the federal and state courts to act. It is time for them to strike down blatant partisan districting in favor of contiguous districts independent of party manipulation, Republican or Democratic. It's time to end partisan tomfoolery.

JOHN NORTON, Annville Twp.

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