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This is the 14th article in the genealogy project “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.”

Gregoria Cruz is a maternal great-grandmother. She was born in Texas in 1885 or 1886 to Hilario Cruz and Gregoria Ruiz of Mexico. Gregoria had four brothers and one sister. She was the oldest.

After her birth she does not show up in documents until the 1930 U. S. Census. She is listed as age 45, married to Eulogio Flores and living on a farm in Precinct 1 in Jim Wells County, Texas. The census states she was 22 when she got married, which means she got married about 1907. The census lists nine children living at home, ranging in age from 21 to age 4.

The next time there is a document for Gregoria is the 1940 U.S. Census, where she is listed as 53 years old, living with her husband and four sons, ages 13 – 23. They were still living in Precinct 1, but this time the precinct is listed as being in Duval County, Texas, and they were no longer living on a farm.

The final document in Gregoria’s life is her death certificate. She died April 9, 1944 in San Diego, Duval County, Texas at age 58. The death certificate states she died of chronic nephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys.

It is not known where she is buried. Her husband, Eulogio, died in 1968 and is buried in the San Diego Cemetery next to his mother, Brigida Sepulveda. The certificate states Gregoria was buried April 10 in San Diego, Texas. It seems the biggest mystery about Gregoria's life came after her death.

Gregoria is one of many ancestors whose descendants are searching for photos, documents, and a tombstone to tell a more accurate story in order to get to know her better.

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