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What’s the latest buzz from Adobe? They just released Lightroom Mobile today, Tues. Apr. 8, 2014. It is available for iPad (2nd generation or higher, iOS 7) immediately and will be updated to include iPhone and Android in the future. This is great news for photographers. Why do we love Lightroom? It’s specifically targeted towards photography.

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  • Adobe recognizes that more and more photographers are using compact cameras, tablets, and smartphones to capture their images, even when they own professional grade DSLRs. When traveling, the priority goes to lightweight convenience. They looked at the current trends and the history of camera evolution. We experienced the major transition from darkroom photography towards digital photography. That certainly changed the needs from a software point of view. Now, they are looking to accommodate the need for a connected or mobile photography platform.

    Lightroom Mobile is not meant to replace your full-service Lightroom software, but simply meant to give you a chance to do simple work on your photos whilst on the go. The desktop version gives you more precision with a mouse, has keyboard shortcuts, and the full version of edit capability. However, the mobile version is a great tool to show clients instant touch-ups and even use the slideshow option as a presentation on the fly. Lightroom Mobile allows the user to organize, edit and share photos. It syncs with Lightroom 5 for desktop when you have an internet connection and enable the proper icon to request that. That is an important reason to have an Adobe sign-in ID. How does it work? The RAW files on your desktop can be downloaded to the mobile device using smaller proxy images using Adobe’s smart preview technology. This gives you the best of both worlds; it retains the original quality, but allows for a much faster download. This is compatible for most image files including tiff, psd, jpegs, etc.

    What’s the take away from this? Just picture how much time is spent editing photos, hunched over a laptop or desktop at a traditional desk. With this new App, you can edit the bulk of your photo needs while on a comfortable couch or even while on a bus, train or plane. It was designed so that you can edit your pictures while on airplane mode and then sync it later. When you get back to your desktop, you will be able to see the complete history of the changes you made in the mobile version. Another benefit is if you find yourself without your desktop nor your mobile devices (say you are traveling super light and know you’ll have access to someone else’s equipment or worst-case-scenario your equipment gets lost or stolen?) you can log-on to the website to view your photos.

    How do you get it? Lightroom Mobile is available with several service subscription options with Creative Cloud:

    • Creative Cloud—Photoshop Photography Program• Creative Cloud complete plan• Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition• Creative Cloud for teams complete plan

    To check out pricing and other information click here.

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