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Hair loss, also referred to as baldness, is more common in men than women. There are different types of hair losses such as the natural hair loss in men or a medical condition called alopecia. Talking about Alopecia, this condition has stages based on its severity. The less severe forms of this condition can cause hair loss in only specific body parts whereas its severest condition, called the Alopecia Universalis, can result in the loss of hair from the body entirely. Alopecia Totalis is the condition in which all hair from the head is lost. There are several reasons for baldness and loss of hair in humans.

Causes of Hair Loss Or Baldness

First, it must be noticed here that due to causes of hair loss being many, it becomes quite difficult to determine what exactly caused hair loss in an individual. While some causes of hair loss might be associated with how you eat and what your physical health is, not all of them involve good diet and healthy habits. In most people, hair loss is caused by age factor. The hair loss starts occurring in men at almost the same age and this is a natural process that occurs in most of the men around the world.

Furthermore, hair loss is also caused by genetic transfers. If your parents, grandparents and other people in previous generations had hair loss problems, you are likely to lose hair too. Stress is another major and common cause resulting in hair loss. The hair loss starts mostly in the thirties where the hair starts to become very thin with extremely fragile roots. In women, pregnancy and menopause are the common causes of hair loss. In the case of hair loss due to Alopecia, it is the immune system of the body that causes it. The reasons are ambiguous and unknown but the body’s immune system tries to protect the body and in this attempt it invades the hair follicles.

Some Remedies for Hair Loss

There are many tips used by people all around the world to prevent the hair loss. We can’t say that these remedies are very helpful since the hair loss cases remain quite common and unhindered in all countries of the world. The first thing that needs care is your hygienic conditions, healthy activities and proper diet. Of course, what you eat is what your body becomes. Eat nutrition rich foods and avoid the junk and stuff filled with oil. Don’t go crazy for certain foods instead mix your foods by eating grains, vegetables, pulses, meat, eggs etc.

Coconut milk proves to be a great preventive source against hair loss. This one might be a little expensive but it can be useful. Buy coconut milk or make it at home by squeezing the grated coconut in a pan or bowl. Apply this milk on your head and make it reach the scalp. It is best if you rub it on your head by massaging a little. Similarly, you can use aloe vera by applying it directly to your head for preventing hair loss.

Provillus is a good option for men and women dealing with hair loss. Provillus for women and men is a two-part formula that works efficiently to help your hair grow. It is mostly available in gel form which can be used twice a day on scalp’s affected areas. Provillus ingredients basically contain Minoxidil that revitalizes the hair. Now the question is; does Provillus work? Yes, it does and that’s the reason it was approved by FDA. However, before you start using it, you can read some Provillus reviews, so you can learn about its results from various users. You can log on to www.provillusforemenblog.com to read user reviews.

Olive, jojoba and coconut oils are very healthy oils. These oils should be used on your head regularly to prevent hair loss. You can ask someone at home or a professional to massage the oil on your head. Oils are rich in nutrients that your hair need whereas the massaging results in the stimulation of your scalp skin and making the blood flow. Yogurt and yeast, butter, henna and lemon juice are some other important ingredients used in many homemade treatments for preventing and curing hair loss.

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