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An employee of a convenient store in New Hampshire recently experienced paranormal activity last month. A surveillance video was posted on the establishment's Facebook page of a glass object being knocked off of a counter and the staff member insists it wasn't a hoax, the South Jersey Times reported today.

Staff member Heidi Boyd of the Ellacoya Bar & Grille and Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, New Hampshire experienced a strange event on March 17. Video footage from the surveillance camera of the business shows a glass object flying from a counter and breaking into pieces on the floor. No employees were around at the time of the incident. On the video, Boyd can be seen rushing in to the store area to investigate what the sound was.

Many people that have viewed the video believe this is some type of hoax or publicity stunt. Others think it is proof of the paranormal. Staff of the store insists that this wasn't a hoax.

"We did not make this up, people. I was the only one in the store! It couldn’t slide off and leave everything under it untouched," Boyd said on the store's Facebook page.

This wasn't the only supernatural encounter that has happened in the store. According to store owner Steve Buzzota the footage isn't a hoax. The video has brought in a lot of curious customers since it was posted. Store manager Lisa Giles claims that a ghost of a man has been spotted in a doorway around the time when the store first opened.

"Sorry disbelievers, I have seen things come straight off shelves and fall to the floor. It happens. I just accept it now and go about my business," employee Susan Rice said. Staff of the business also said that they have contacted paranormal investigators to investigate the building.

The Ellacoya Bar & Grille is located at 2667 Lakeshore Road, in Gilford, New Hampshire. More information can be found by visiting the business' Facebook page.

What do you think caused the glass object to fall? ? Is it a hoax? Could it actually be a ghost trying to get someone's attention? Post your opinion in the comment section below.


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