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Monday has still brought no news on the identity of the man found dead Saturday alongside the road at the 600 block of Hull Road in Mansfield and authorities are seeking the public’s help.

Bob Ball, Richland County Coroner’s Investigator, had stated that they had hoped to be able to identify the man so they could contact his family soon but their office hasn’t received any calls about a missing man.

Summit County has received the body so a full autopsy and toxicology test can be done but it will be 10 to 12 weeks before the results will be turned in because “they have other counties they work for,” Ball said. "Identification should come sooner."

They describe the man as being in his teens or 20s with a tattoo on his right forearm of a praying figure without a face and they believe his death was drug related.

He had been found next to a telephone pole with his shirt up and pants down around his knees and when he was initially examined he’d had a “scratch on his back with no blood present” which meant that his body had been placed at the scene.

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Once his clothes had been examined, they had found a One Direction card in his rear pants pocket that didn’t belong to him. It belonged to woman who had been incarcerated at the Richland County Jail.

The authorities found she had only one visitor while she was there, someone listed as her boyfriend who had also been incarcerated and both had active warrants out for their arrest.

It seems fairly obvious the identity of the man is the boyfriend of the woman as he also had a tattoo matching the description but without proof family members cannot be contacted of his death; and any knowledge the public has is appreciated.

Sheriff Major Joe Masi, he was promoted just last year, said they are handling the investigation even though The Bureau of Criminal Investigation had handled the crime scene.

They are located at 597 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio 44905 and can be reached at (419) 774-5881 if anyone can help.

For more info: for those who live Ohio and want more information, please contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office at: 800-282-0515 or local: 614-466-4986. They are located at 30 E Broad St #14, Columbus, OH 43215 (Transit: E Broad St & N High St). For directions, please see Google Maps

Ohio Missing Persons Community Support:

Ohio Attorney General: ‘In this traumatic time do not cut yourself off from others who can support you such as family, friends and clergy. Talk to your doctor if increased stress is affecting your health.”Team Hope: The mission of Team HOPE is to assist families with missing, exploited and recovered children by offering peer support including empowerment, emotional support and coping skills from a trained volunteer who has had or still has a missing or exploited child.

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