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Most of the hip-hop world found it hard to swallow Macklemore’s Best Rap Album Grammy. In the midst of chart-topping albums from Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Kanye West, it was hard to imagine a hip-hop environment where Macklemore reigned supreme.

It even seemed that Macklemore recognized how surprising his win was as he quickly sent a text to Kendrick Lamar after the awards where he apologized for “robbing him” of the prestigious honor. A photo of the text was quickly uploaded to Instagram and soon the hip-hop community was buzzing. Some felt that Macklemore was rubbing salt in a fresh wound while others argued that his gesture was sincere. Although the Grammy conversations have begun to die down, the criticism of Macklemore has been consistent enough that Schoolboy Q felt compelled to offer his opinion in an interview with The Source.

Unlike other widely respected rappers, Schoolboy Q has actually collaborated with Macklemore on a track called “White Walls” and can offer a first-hand account of his artistry. During the interview, Schoolboy Q strongly argues in favor of a less-hostile rap environment where rappers should be less concerned about a text message.

"All these rappers talking sh-- about Macklemore because of the text, but they wouldn't be saying that sh-- if I sent the text out," he explained.

The Source has not released the full interview yet but the snippets offer a fresh perspective from Schoolboy Q that may put an end to the harsh criticism of Macklemore.

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