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Binns Management is one of the premiere MMA management companies in the country with top names like Sam Oropeza, Kelvin Tiller, Mike Mucitelli, and former UFC Welterweight Tamdan "The Barn Cat" McCrory. Binns Management has just added another big name to that impressive list. Binns Management has just signed top Middleweight prospect and Bellator MMA veteran Andreas "Sweet Swede" Spang. Andreas Spang is a Middleweight who holds a Professional MMA record of 8-3, and has finished 6 of his 8 victories inside of 2 rounds. Spang has stepped in the cage with big names such as Brian Rogers, Maiquel Falcao, and top Bellator MMA Middleweight Doug Marshall. I had the chance to speak to Spang about his bright MMA future with Binns Management:

Kyle Holdsworth: What’s your relationship with Jimmy Binns Jr. like and how do you think working with him is going to benefit your MMA career?

Andreas Spang: He [Jimmy Binns Jr] seems like a guy that understand this business. He’s grown up around the business with his father being involved in it, and he knows how to bring up fighters. I’m excited to be working with him, and I think he’s going to help me get my career going again.

KH: You’re an MMA fighter and also have a Kickboxing background, how do you prepare yourself differently for an MMA fight compared to a Kickboxing match?

AS: Of course I do more grappling and I'm more aware of the takedowns and the ground work. My focus will always be Boxing though. Boxing will always be more close to my heart. I try to level all aspects of MMA, I try to put equal time into everything, but I favor my Boxing.

KH: What made you want to jump over from Kickboxing into the sport of MMA?

AS: I had a hard time getting Kickboxing fights. It was easier getting MMA fights. Once I got more MMA fights, the ball started rolling. I'd say it was more of a 'stay busy' thing.

KH: What goals have you set for yourself with your MMA career?

AS: Of course my goal is always beat the opponent in front of me, but I would like to be the top fighter if not one of the top fighters in my division. In the next big organization I sign with, I definitely want to be the champion of my division.

KH: When should fans expect to see Andreas Spang back in the cage?

AS: I have to talk to my manager, but I would love to fight again in May of this year. I’m really excited to be back on track and put my name in the mix again. I want to make myself remembered. I won’t let people forget about me. I can’t wait to get back and fight again. The only thing I’m dreaming about right now is fighting.

For more information on Binns Management, check out the Official Binns Management Website.

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