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Michael Muhney, whose personal website has just been revised to reflect his current career status, was unceremoniously removed from the active roster on 'The Young and the Restless' over three months ago. Persistent parallel rumors have since outlined the reasons why 'Adam Newman' was written mostly off the show and why Muhney himself was let go. So, will the iconic CBS' steamer still try to resolve this particularly vexing storyline despite tremendous opposition?

Heavy verbal artillery has been in play since that ill-fated mid-December day when news of Muhney's termination caused a massive social media-based volcano to erupt. The electric actor's ardent fans never received a full story from the powers-to-be. They're still angry about that, even though everyone knows that some internal corporate decisions aren't allowed to be publicly explained for legitimate legal reasons.

After Muhney's final scene was shown in late-January, a subsequent shot showed both characters ('Adam' and 'Billy Abbott') actually escaped the fabled black SUV. That standard soap twist was a classic jab at the mind's eye of every viewer.

But, loyal daytime dramatists know that any fictional character can bend death's door. Recent scenes have served to confirm that yes, 'Adam' is alive.

Two legitimate open-questions remain: Will an actor be hired to assume Muhney's role? And, if so, when will that person's face be seen?

With whatever really happened behind closed doors, resultant negative publicity isn't what 'YR' wanted. So, maybe it's best to remember what legions of passionate viewers said (and are still saying) about this dilemma: Don't recast Muhney's role. Let 'Adam' maintain his self-imposed Genoa City exile indefinitely.

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