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Homeopaths have the outstanding tendency to use anecdotal claims as evidence of homeopathy's effectiveness. Anecdotes are easy to come by and reach a wide variety of supposedly cured ailments. Cancer, skin conditions, and even genetic abnormalities of all thing have been claimed as nothing to worry about with the help of their handy concoctions.

Interestingly enough these cures typically appear to be made of the remnants of a breakfast cabinet dumped into a mixing pot and watered down. Oats, herbs, flowers, and other negligible items appear to be magical in the eyes of a homeopathic 'believer.'

Delving even further into the theories of homeopathy sit concepts of mysticism. Paper remedies, chants, prayers and more can be found in various homeopathic texts throughout the past century. In most all of these texts, there is less questioning and more believing.

People's fascination with homeopathy is perplexing more often than not. When confronted with sound arguments they are hostile and/or irrational to the questioner. There are many questions, yet still very few answers to the why of homeopathy.

For more, please see references.

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