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mulberry handbags outlet A recent AL.com poll shows readers are split on the issue of global warming.

A recent AL.com poll shows readers are split over whether global warming is fact or fiction.

After an unusually cold and snowy winter, AL.com conducted an online poll Tuesday to determine what readers think of the climate phenomenon that has become one of the most controversial and politicized.

With 1,026 responses, 35 percent, a total of 362 respondents, said global warming is fake and made up for political purposes.

Another 35 percent, a total of 358 respondents, said global warming is real and is caused by human activities.

Meanwhile, 15 percent said there is not enough evidence to prove global warming is occurring and 13 percent said global warming is occurring but is not caused by human activities.

Sixteen respondents voted in the "I don't know" category.

The unscientific, open-access poll is not representative of the state as a whole, showing only the positions of those readers who found the poll online and voluntarily responded.

Additionally, as an open-access poll, it is subject to campaigning by supporters on either side of the issue, and readers from out of state can respond.

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