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A Walmart truck that looks like it came straight from space is one prototype turning heads this week. Called the WAVE, the truck sports a number of impressive benefits, including eco-friendly options and maximum fuel efficiency capabilities. Web Pro News provides the details surrounding this mechanical creation of the future this Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

The Walmart truck is only a prototype for now, and while it may look like it’s from space, the design of the WAVE transport isn’t the only imposing thing about it. First revealed recently at the Mid-America Trucking Show, the prototype was unveiled as part of the Walmart company’s attempt to prove that they are making very real efforts to show greater interest in the environment.

At this time, however, it is still unclear whether this futuristic vehicle will ever actually make it to the road. The prototype, currently being called the WAVE (Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience), is currently not expected to be produced on a mass scale, despite its incredible looking design and amazing creation. Nonetheless, it offers a number of great benefits to consider in the years to come.

“[It] may never make it to the road,” wrote Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillion, “but it will allow us to test new technologies and new approaches.”

According to the press release on this advanced Walmart truck, McMillion also discussed the budding project publicly online a couple months ago in early Feb. 2014, though the Walmart company’s overall intentions to become more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly have been around for years already.

Back in 2005, Walmart alleged that they would be designing trucks with greater fuel efficiency capabilities, and that overall fuel efficiency improvement would be increased two-fold by 2015. The company has added that it has become more eco-friendly even before the unveiling of its future WAVE trucks, including improved efficiency levels on its trucks, trailers, and tractors.

Although not all details on the WAVE transport are known at this time, the prototype that appears from a space movie is a full 4,000 pounds lighter than most other trucks traveling the highway, and possesses 20 percent less overall aerodynamic drag. In addition to its futuristic, eye-grabbing design, the Walmart trucks would also offer greater space, movement, and visibility for drivers.

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