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According to the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, public and private colleges and universities nationwide increased pay to professional staff members this year by 2.1 percent.

But determining faculty pay raises at public universities in Alabama was not possible this year because the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, which maintains wage data on the state's public universities, has not yet completed work on 2013-14 wage data.

Additionally, beginning with the 2012-13 school year, ACHE switched from reporting average annual salaries to average monthly wages.

A spokeswoman for the the association said the new method reflects that not all college employees work the full school year.

The chart below shows average monthly salaries for the state's four-year public universities.

It is calculated through a weighted average of data provided by ACHE comparing the average monthly salaries of male and female professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

The weighted average takes into account the number of employees in each group at each school.

Public Four-Year Universities, 2012-13Avg. monthly wage (weighted) Alabama A M University,061 Alabama State University,902 Athens State University,637 Auburn University,542 Auburn University at Montgomery,351 Jacksonville State University,268 Troy University,904 University of Alabama,577 University of Alabama at Birmingham,036 University of Alabama in Huntsville,620 University of Montevallo,859 University of North Alabama,480 University of South Alabama,639 University of West Alabama,643 The above chart excludes faculty members titled instructors, lecturers and those professionals with undesignated titles due to a lack of available information for those groups. It also excludes non-faculty staff.

Meanwhile, taken directly from ACHE data, the below chart compares the average monthly wage of males and females working as professors, associate professors and assistant professors at each school.

Public Four-Year Universities, 2012-13Avg. monthly male professorsAvg. monthly female professorsAvg. monthly male associate professorsAvg. monthly female associate professorsAvg. monthly male assistant professorsAvg. monthly female assistant professors Alabama A M University,043 ,281 ,048 ,387 ,299 ,533 Alabama State University,670 ,934 ,155 ,823 ,803 ,773 Athens State University,428 ,034 ,921 ,974 ,474 ,712 Auburn University,089 ,342 ,670 ,923 ,796 ,093 Auburn University at Montgomery,070 ,554 ,015 ,151 ,997 ,541 Jacksonville State University,457 ,485 ,990 ,752 ,126 ,824 Troy University,399 ,117 ,397 ,943 ,219 ,765 University of Alabama,958 ,047 ,308 ,067 ,574 ,055 University of Alabama at Birmingham,324 ,319 ,327 ,449 ,717 ,340 University of Alabama in Huntsville,304 ,788 ,648 ,911 ,282 ,031 University of Montevallo,689 ,703 ,894 ,384 ,038 ,691 University of North Alabama,934 ,528 ,305 ,335 ,373 ,306 University of South Alabama,449 ,941 ,601 ,927 ,626 ,351 University of West Alabama,050 ,631 ,312 ,468 ,150 ,491 None of the data includes salary and wage reports from the Alabama's two-year college system.

The chart below compares the number of males and females in each group at each public four-year university.

Public Four-Year Universities, 2012-13Male professorsFemale professorsMale associate professorsFemale associate professorsMale assistant professorsFemale assistant professors Alabama A M University341440215342 Alabama State University392529364049 Athens State University11913131821 Auburn University36182238159127122 Auburn University at Montgomery331639283130 Jacksonville State University712237343728 Troy University602170437389 University of Alabama25583174135155172 University of Alabama at Birmingham15863136114132154 University of Alabama in Huntsville681264314836 University of Montevallo261721212031 University of North Alabama482732203048 University of South Alabama943479496090 University of West Alabama13415112436The salary data comes as the College Board reports that annual tuition at four-year public universities in Alabama has climbed climbed 44 percent from the 2008-09 school year to a statewide average of ,143 this school year.

It also comes as public colleges and universities struggle to regain public funding lost during the recession.

Alabama ranked , slashing more than 6 million, some 28 percent, from the state's higher education budget between 2008 and 2012, according to the Grapevine project at Illinois State University.

Alex Walsh contributed to this report.Updated at 9:49 p.m. Apirl 2, 2014 to clarify the average wages do not include non-faculty staff.

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