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This will be a very good test to see if some of the charter school ideas make a significant improvement in performance at an affordable cost. I think it took a lot of guts by everyone concerned - the public administration, school board, teachers, non-credentialed employees, parents, and all the charter school folks at all levels - to try this.

I'm sure some compromises had to be made, but they need to stick to the core ideas so we can get a valid result, whatever it is. I have not followed this in detail because progress was being made. Don't kid yourself, the charter school advocates have taken on a difficult task, but they also are taking some of the burden off of district schools that have lots of academic and funding problems. This may help everyone and even lead to better funding when the public sees good results.

I hope that all the key people are all keeping comprehensive notes on everything - every problem and how they were addressed and solved. This could be a very significant experiment for a new type of school and I hope it leads to a better result for the students.

Good luck to all,

Marty Richman

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