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Looks like I'm going to make some more enemies. Lets see what we have from the Interim Superintendent and what we have from the Principal.

Interim Superintendent Mike Robustelli: “The bond is the wrong term,” (he) said about the meeting's theme. “It’s exploring facilities. We used the technique of releasing hours for critical information.”He said the goal was “to get the parents there.” “We feel it’s very important for the community to be part of this process,” he said. “It had nothing to do with the election.”

Principal Krystal Lomanto: “The most important issue at hand is the General Obligation Bond,” she wrote, “and the excitement of the evening as our parents and community members were able to talk about their ideas/priorities with board members.”

Lol, by now you have all seen the playbook, deny it's about MONEY (oh, heaven forgive, if were about money we may not be able to jusitfy it), and the plan for what to do with it has been around for a while. The meeting is only designed to steer the public to the plan, not the other way around.

Folks, all they want is the money - they can dress it up any way they want, but they want the money. These two are on the same team, which is fine, but obviously they did not read the same playbook,

Here is my (always unsolicited) advice, just once how about playing it straight and fair and square with the public. Put the playbook away, take ALL the fluff out of the proposal that was put there just to buy votes - there is always plenty of that - and JUSTIFY the rest as a necessary education expense that will improve the safety, economy, and most of all, the academic achievement of the school (fewer dropouts, better education, better prospects for the future). Surely, if you want the public to fork over tens of millions of dollars you are ready to defend the use of those funds.

And while we are at it, let's see the official projections for the attendence figures, not merely, Gee, they are building a lot of houses. Who is going into those homes? Perhaps some of the money should go toward a second school instread, pehaps not, let's look at it (and please don't say I did not use my three minutes at some public forum to bring this up, you all know the issues - address them).

Now, will you waive my detention, too?

Marty Richman

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