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Jesse Spencer of "Chicago Fire" is showing that he is a real life hero. On April 2, People shared about how he actually helped save a group of people from an elevator just like a fireman would do on his show. His parents were actually part of the group that was stuck.

Jesse was in the elevator along with his parents. He pried open the door of it enough so that he could get a cell phone single and call for help. They needed someone else to actually come out there to get them out. Jesse also helped to keep everyone on the scene calm until the real fireman could show up to help them. This also helped them to get some air into the elevator.

They did use the phone in the elevator but all that it got them was someone who said they would call an elevator mechanic. This help could have taken over 2 hours and obviously that policy is now being checked into. Some people on the elevator knew who Jesse was and others thought he was a fireman because of his hat that had a fire department logo on it.

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