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On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on the Bridgeghazi scandal that s destroying New Jersey Governor Chris Christie s presidential prospects.

On last night s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took on the that may be in a thick cloud of auto exhaust seeping from the crawling parade of cars trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

Of course he did. How could he not? It s the sort of gallingly petty political scandal that s practically written for Stewart s show.

But there s another connection. Stewart grew up in New Jersey, a little over an hour south of Fort Lee. So, for some perspective, he introduced the show s Senior New Jersey Correspondent : himself.

I m disappointed, I m ashamed of the state I grew up in—to see New Jersey sink to such a piss poor, third-rate quality of corruption, the host griped in a mock mobster accent. This is New Jersey, a state renowned for its piss rich, first-rate quality of corruption. In fact, he dragged his audience through the state s rich history of corruption, graft, and general seediness, from the convicted state politician who accident to The Sopranos. Have you seen our state flag? There is literally a severed horse s head on the state flag!

So what s up with the less-than-discreet gmail conversation prompting the bridge back-up? That s not how Jersey crooks talk!

You re an embarrassment to dialogue, Stewart scolded. So he imagined a more effective exchange: Ay, did you take care o that thing? Yeah, that thing? I took care o that thing. Our good friend Lee? Yeah, he s constipated alright. He s gonna be backed up all week.

The host closed by quoting , Bruce Springsteen: It s a death trap / It s a suicide rap / You gotta get out while you re young / So don t block the bridge / Cuz there s not that many ways out.





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