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My question to Mr. Wetli is why? You stated that the voter turn out was embarrassingly low. Let me give you an opinion on why.

During the last election, I didn't even know there was a Democratic candidate running against Rep. Brooks until I got a ballot on election day. Our voice is ignored by politicians because they lie (change campaign promises) all the time. I have "participated" in every election since I turned 18 (1967) and don't think the system "works beautifully," but is broken and can't be fixed. It is a waste of time to vote on national politicians because they don't care what the people want, they are only concerned about being re-elected and how much "big" money they can raise.

I will continue to vote on local issue but not on politicians any more. Local issues such as school bond (tax) issues matter and sales tax issues matter but does it really matter who is in office? You say gerrymandering should be simply abolished, but it won't because you are asking politicians to do the "right " thing rather than protect their own job. Never happen. So I ask again, why vote when it really doesn't matter.

Richard Taylor

Madison, AL

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