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In 2010 a software company was given a no bid contract by the Obama Administration to develop a software package and a web site to administer the Affordable Care Act. They have been paid to date 6 million of a 0 million contract.The first part of the contract was the web site. After three years in development, not only does the web site not work but the back office side has not been developed and there is no data security in the system and the web site states that the user has no assurance that their data will be secure. Americans have been told it will cost another 0 million to fix it. At the same time, additional contracts costing in the millions have been given to the same contractor. A congressional committee has attempted to investigate the mess but have been stonewalled by the Obama Administration. No one has been held responsible for this mess.

Why is the Obama administration stonewalling the investigation ? Does it have anything to do with the fact that one of the executives was a classmate of Michelle Obama, who was responsible for the overall design requirement s ? Were they qualified to do the job ? In the last week or so, there has been statements from the administration that our government doesn t have in its employees the technical expertise to utilize the latest technology to improve our government. This is nothing more than the administration hunting for someone to blame for their failures.

We have seen in the past six years the results of voting into the office of President of the United States a man totally unqualified for the job and with a agenda that resulted in his appointments to cabinet positions being as unqualified as he is. His failures would take pages to simply outline.

This failure of leadership from the White House down of the administration has put the very future of America in doubt. We are now more vulnerable to the threat of our enemies than any time since the late 30 s.

The coming elections of 2014 will be the most important second only to the vote to break away from England in the 1700 s. Our future hangs in the balance.

Donald Dunlap


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