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Sometimes we all must just bite the bullet, admit being wrong and have a piece of humble pie. Extensive news stories in the past three weeks chronicling the Russian ship stuck in the ice about 300 miles off Antarctica with 74 scientists and researchers aboard, is excellent example of the ultimate irony created by Mother Nature. This group's mission was to study global warming and melting Antarctica ice! One has to think of former Senator and Presidential Candidate Al Gore and the fortune he has made and his awards preaching Global Warming as we watch the attempted rescue of this group by ships from Australia, the U.S, New Zealand, Russia and China.

Many of our younger generations cannot recall us living through the same type crusade beginning in the early 1970's, predicting-practically guaranteeing, the cooling of the earth and the Coming Ice Age! Virtually, every major publication jumped on the Ice Age bandwagon: NY Times, 1/19/75, 5/21/75; Washington Post, 1/11/70 7/9/71; Newsweek, 4/28/75; LA Times, 1/15/70; Chicago Tribune, 7/10/71 10/30/74, etc, all warning we were destined for another Ice Age! A listing of 61 major publications during this era supporting the coming Ice Age theory is available on the Internet at.

Credible scientists with qualifying credentials have presented evidence that since the formation of our earth, Global Warming and Ice Age phases trend about every 100,000 years. Are these experts less believable than Al Gore and his followers? Who is one to believe?

The most troublesome aspect to these crusades-especially Global Warming, is the over reaction of our political leadership is making. We cannot afford squandering limitless tax dollars preparing mankind for something so uncertain. Which scenario should we prepare for: Ice Age or Global Warming?

Stay warm.

James W. Anderson


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